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Eat More Ice Cream and Sandwiches! 

At Lindsay’s our philosophy is easy: eat more ice cream and sandwiches! Located on the corner of Broadway and Pearl in downtown Boulder, CO, everyone who walks in is greeted with a smile and leaves satisfied. We specialize in scratch-made sandwiches and soups that stem from family recipes- not to mention hand scooped Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Read Our Story!


Lindsay's Boulder Deli at Häagen-Dazs 

If you remember coming to Pearl Street as a kid, you remember the Häagen-Dazs shop on the corner of Broadway and Pearl. Built in 1976, this Häagen-Dazs (originally owned by the Frommers family) is the oldest operating store still in its original four walls. Lindsay has been involved with ice cream since the day her father decided to purchase a shop in 1981. He credits the decision to his wife’s pregnancy cravings; when she was pregnant with their son, Aaron, she wanted a Häagen-Dazs milkshake almost every day. 


As a little girl, she scooped ice cream with her brother during the summer months and after school. In 1996, Lindsay made her way to CU Boulder where she earned a Psychology degree, hoping to be a teacher. This dream to mentor and help kids was achieved in 2002, when she got a job teaching high school near where she grew up. However, her teaching position was short-lived– in 2004, she was fired for being a lesbian.


Established 2004

Thrown for a loop, Lindsay turned to her family for advice. After receiving guidance from her father, she did something she had never thought she would do: she bought the Häagen-Dazs at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. With the help of her brother Aaron along with her Bat Mitzvah money, Lindsay's was born in 2004. The shop opened with ten sandwiches and three soups, all Shaw family recipes, and the Häagen-Dazs counter that Boulder had grown to love. From there, Lindsay did her best to make her restaurant a success.


The Rest is (Her)story

Ten years later, with an expanded menu and a much bigger customer base, Lindsay purchased the storefront next to the shop and spent three months renovating. The Lindsay’s that opened was more than twice as big, and is the Lindsay’s we know and love today. Even still, Lindsay prides herself not on the space, but on the excellent person to person customer service that has come to be the shop’s trademark.


It’s clear to the community that though not in a classroom, Lindsay is still fulfilling her dream to help and mentor kids. With hundreds of high school and college students working directly with Lindsay over the years, she is known for her loving attitude and for coming up with lively, entertaining dances to celebrate the successes of her employees.


Despite being born in New York, and growing up in Atlanta, Lindsay’s home is Boulder, Colorado through and through. She has also not forgotten her Jewish roots and makes the best Matzo Ball Soup around. Lindsay loves the outdoors, as well as being close to her family, and loves being a part of a small, diverse, and fun community. She is proud to say that she gets to spend every day living the dream, here in Boulder. 

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